There are many types of windows on the market. There are cheap ones, medium of the line for budget minded home owners and you have the best energy star brand which is what Handiman4u recommends. No heat leakage, no frost on glass, no condensation which makes it the best of all windows. Believe me; you can save 10 - 15% on your heating bill. Pays for itself in about 3 year's a good investment for your home.

Types of windows:

Awning, Casement crank type, Sliders, Bay windows, ect ... and of coarse sash windows.

Now you have a bit of information on widows. The installation is very important that it is done properly.
Handiman4u tip: A properly installed window will give you years of comfort and operational aspects.


Always install your window true and level and most of all square. For proper operation of window it is very important, and for greater operation of window.

Step 1) At perimeter of opening apply a 6 mil black poly barrier at corners create an accordion style look staple with ¼" staples.

Step 2) At bottom part of opening apply ½" wood shims and apply window directly on shims to create an air space. (Your window shall be ½" smaller from left to right of opening, same at top and bottom). Using wood screws 3 ½" in length fasten window in place using wooden shims one at top down 3" one at center and one at the bottom all around the opening.

Step 3) Once window is secured in place, square up and level. Check window by opening to make sure it operates properly.

Step 4) Apply low expansion insulating foam all around perimeter of window frame and let dry. Cut off excess with exacto knife.

Step 5) Once insulation has dried and cut off excess flush to wall due to expansion apply Red Tuck Tape all around window for a good seal and to prevent any cold air from coming in.

Step 6) Apply your trim around window and use a latex bitumen caulking and seal all cracks and edges and wipe clean excess caulking with a damp cloth for a beautiful finish. You can sit in front of that window and feel no draft coming through and best of all no heat loss.