February Tip - Caulking Your Bathtub

Help prevent your caulking from pulling away or crack at edge of bathtubs.

 Here are some easy steps to take
1- Clean off existing caulking bitumen with a plastic scraper so not to scratch the enamel paints on the tub
2- Clean off residue with vinegar and water as vinegar will kill any bacteria in this area
3- Fill bathtub with water to just below overflow
4- Apply a silicone caulking slowly and evenly. Always caulk from right to left.
5- Fill a cup with water and dip finger and slowly and gently pass along the caulking bead for and even look.
6- After 12 hours has gone by, empty the bathtub half way.
7- 12 hours later empty the bathtub completely.
8- Now you can use your bathtub.
Notes:  By following these easy steps your caulking will not crack. By putting water in bathtub it creates weight. When not filling tub with water your caulking will crack immediately upon going into the tub due to the weight. 

Claude Mainville