Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)

Handiman4u Inc. is the only Pickering company that provides a membership program to homeowners. The proactive approach that we employ sets us apart from other contractors. We arrange to come to your home to do an inspection.  At that time, we identify and remedy minor problems before they become major. Major problems are resolved immediately!

Owning a home is a significant investment in terms of time and cost. Our Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) membership can help avoid costly mishaps and repairs. We provide services to ensure the proper maintenance of your home.

PMP is designed for all styles of homes whether it is a single family dwelling, town home or tenant occupied facility. The PMP membership is developed to minimize the home owner’s involvement, while ensuring quality repairs.

PMP membership includes an additional savings on windows, doors, patio doors, and all types of renovations. YOU SAVE 15% AT ALL TIMES ON REPAIRS WHEN BECOMING A MEMBER.

And by the way...We are fully insured.