About Us

Through his 30 years of working in a multitude of building trades, Handiman4u founder Claude Mainville recognized a need. He recognized that homeowners are often left in the dark about what is truly important in maintaining, repairing and upgrading their homes. Handiman4u was founded to take the mystery and the guesswork out of home maintenance, while also providing repair and renovation services and home inspection programs you can depend on.

Then Claude took his business one step further. He saw the need to educate consumers as well about what goes into a home repair or renovation. That's why he has established the first home renovation education facility in Canada - for consumers! Claude has created a place where homeowners can see first-hand what goes into a renovation job so they are equipped to buy those services intelligently and confidently. Contact Claude today to learn more about the Consumer Education Centre and get up close and personal with the home renovations and repair expert!

Claude also saw a need to promote preventive maintenance to help home owners avoid costly, and many times unnecessary repairs that could have been avoided.